Get to know those people who are collaborating with the Cultural Lab at the University of Amsterdam.

International Organisations:

International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (based in Amsterdam & Hamburg)

IEA (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement) is an international cooperative of national research institutions, governmental research agencies, scholars, and analysts working to research, understand, and improve education worldwide.

Foundation Critical Mass in Utrecht

Critical Mass is an Utrecht based NGO that designs interactive exhibitions, multimedia installations, films and games that encourage people to reflect on their own attitudes and behaviour. This way, we activate people to contribute to an inclusive society.

Anne Frank Foundation

The Anne Frank House has around one hundred staff members. We welcome visitors to the museum, manage the collection, create educational material, or do research. The Anne Frank House researches the history of the Frank family and does research antisemitism, racism and right-wing extremism in the Netherlands.

Dutch Organizations

SIPI: Foundation for Intercultural Participation and Integration

Sipi is een generalistische aanbieder met cultuursensitiviteit als expertise. Het is Sipi’s missie alle mensen in staat te stellen de regie over hun eigen leven te nemen. Om hierbij alle bevolkingsgroepen te bereiken en aanspreken, hanteert Sipi effectieve, cultuursensitieve  methodieken. 

Municipality of Amsterdam, Department of Diversity 

Hoe verschillend we ook mogen zijn, alle Amsterdammers voelen zich sterk verbonden met hun stad. Het leven in de stad met al zijn reuring en diversiteit wordt door de meeste inwoners als prettig ervaren maar kan ook schuren.

Research Groups and Teams:

Cultural-Kokoro Network

Cultural-Kokoro Network (Culture-KoNet) represents an international collection of cultural psychologists and other social scientists who are pursuing questions of culture. Researchers at Culture-KoNet study how culture and the mind work together. We conduct cultural psychological empirical research on how cultural settings shape people’s emotions, cognition, motivations, and relationships.

Center for Social and Cultural Psychology

The Center for Social and Cultural Psychology (CSCP) is dedicated to the basic and applied study of social psychological and cultural psychological themes.


RE-Connect brings together a critical mass of research expertise in Flanders in the domains of emotion, culture, interpersonal relationships, and methodology. The overall aim of the project is to examine how emotional connections between people play a role in determining key outcomes in work, family life, and mental health, and how this may vary across cultures.

University of Ghana: Department of Psychology

Our mission is to conduct relevant research and quality teaching that will enable the Department of Psychology to make important contribution to society.

Amsterdam Interdisciplinary Centre for Emotion 

The Amsterdam Interdisciplinary Centre for Emotion (AICE) is a virtual centre for emotion scholars in Amsterdam. We meet fortnightly to discuss emotion research and host talks by local, national, and interactional speakers. At AICE, we study emotions using a range of methods and approaches, and we are open to the different approaches taken in diverse disciplines. Key points of focus in our research are nonverbal communication (facial and vocal signals), emotional experience, cultural similarities and differences, and embodiment and mimicry.